Let’s Recycle Together

The path to sustainability begins with recycling, but not everyone knows how to get started. For an individual, recycling daily is a simple and efficient way to contribute. One small act is what help individuals contribute. The real task is for large businesses. They are often overwhelmed with recyclable goods but have no efficient way to dispose of them or knowledge of what exactly can be recycled. This blog will cover why recycling is important and how to do it. Read more from Leader Box below. Why Recycle? While recycling used boxes and other materials is an effective way for items to be reused and helps minimize waste, recycling can make a much bigger impact. Each year, 822,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of recycled waste are accumulated, but only 16% of it is recycled. Many people wish to recycle to help the environment, but that is not always the case. Here are some reasons why recycling truly matters in addition to the shocking statistic above. Recycling: Saves energy used to produce new products from raw materials. Generated $117 billion in economic activity and $13.2 billion in tax revenue according to a 2017 statistic. Employs thousands of people each year. Decreases our use and reliance on natural resources. Creates a positive impact on future generations. Helps companies save money by reusing products. Recycling for Businesses: How Leader Box Can Help Recycling can help improve a companies’ bottom line while also saving costs. For example, cardboard waste is one of the largest products that go unrecycled. But what if you could sell your used boxes rather than just throwing them away? That’s where we come in. Leader box wants to buy your used, overrun, and misprinted boxes. Why may you ask? We are Chicagoland’s leading packing industry that can meet all your packaging needs at a cost your company can afford. Most cardboard can be recycled, and many companies do not take advantage of this. Boxes that have oil or water are tricky and should be thrown away, but almost all cardboard products can be reused and benefit other companies. Leader Box recognized this and took advantage by offering companies the opportunity to sell boxes they don’t want or buy boxes that suit their needs at a fraction of the cost of new boxes. Still have questions? Why Sell to Leader Box? Leader Box can pay a higher price that the traditional scrap market. This helps build your company’s profit while also achieving sustainability. Simply request a quote and we will handle picking up your boxes for you to save your company time, while also increasing your company’s bottom line; an important factor in a competitive market. Leader Box is family owned and has been operating since 1950. Your company can feel confident in using a trustworthy company while also supporting a family business during these unprecedented times. Cardboard box recycling can be made simple with Leader Box, and we want to help you in achieving your recycling goals. Leader Box Corp. serves a variety of areas in the Midwest. So, when looking for a package store near me, look no further than our premier box packaging supply company.

Reuse Boxes

Cardboard is one of the most highly used materials in the commercial world with nearly 100 billion boxes produced each year. From commercial use to everyday packaged goods, cardboard is a massively used product. With only 75% of boxes recycled each year, it may leave you questioning where all these boxes go? How Is Cardboard Made? The process of creating cardboard is more complex than you think. Cardboard is made entirely out of recycled paper. The recycled paper is split up into one wavy sheet of paper called a flute which sits between two flat sheets called liners. They form a corrugated board. A machine then adheres two liners to hold the box together and strengthen the board. While the process may sound simple, it takes a mass amount of paper to create cardboard. EPA estimates that 17 trees can give you 2577 cardboard boxes. So how does this amount affect the packing industry? To give you some perspective, Amazon ships approximately 1.6 million packages a day. While not every package uses cardboard, this gives you an idea of how much cardboard could potentially be used. With so many trees grown to produce paper to ultimately be transformed to cardboard, it may leave you wondering how you can go green and reuse boxes. Cardboard Box Recycling Cardboard is a large waste product often forgotten about. The best way to reduce cardboard waste is by putting the product to good use. Some examples include: • Storage – Cardboard boxes make for great storage bins. Use them to store unused items or keep your home organized. • Gardening – Cardboard is the king of preventing weeds. By laying cardboard and soaking the material underneath your plants, you can reduce the amount of weeds that will grow cutting your gardening time in half. • Crafting – When in doubt, give a box to your kids. They will love to hide in and color the cardboard saving you money on toys and allowing your family to go green. As a last resort, flattening and recycling your unused cardboard is always a good idea. If you find that you are a company with a surplus of used boxes, you can always sell them! While you may not think your misprinted or gently used boxes would go to good use, Leader Box Corp, will buy your obsolete boxes and give them a second life. Who is Leader Box? We are a green company whose goal is to ensure others that they will benefit from buying used boxes and will help the environment in doing so. Businesses that buy from us and sell to us are supporting our green initiative by reusing boxes and saving trees! We believe that sustainability is key, and buying used boxes will definitely emphasize your company’s commitment to being environmentally friendly! If you are looking for used boxes for sale, Gaylord boxes near me or packaging supplies in Chicago, request a quote from us today to help lead your company’s green initiative.

What Is Going on with Box Prices

The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic changed the way consumers shopped for goods. From online shopping to grocery delivery services, more cardboard has been used in the last year than ever before. Stay-at-home orders and stimulus checks fueled online shopping. This requiring shipping boxes that rolled out nearly 407 billion square feet of corrugated product in 2020 according to The Wall Street Journal. Supply & Demand for Cardboard Record lumber prices are on the rise. Meaning, the need for corrugated materials has skyrocketed over the last year reportedly showing a year-over-year rise of 3.4%. Online shopping become a contender in the demand. Meanwhile, quarantine ignited home remodels and DIY projects putting the need for cardboard in demand for goods as well. Additionally, corrugated boxes have been listed as a commodity that is in short supply with rising prices for the last five months on the Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing report. The Coronavirus pandemic also led consumers to home buying. As the market quickly shifted leading home owners in desperate need for packing materials. This abrupt transition may lead your business to search for a corrugated box supplier with the best cardboard box price. Why Choose Leader Box Corp. for your Business Located in the heart of Chicago, Leader Box Corp. has been the Midwest’s one stop shop for boxes and packaging supplies for over 60 years and counting. We are a family-oriented and operated organization that take pride in offering our customers a strong and long-lasting beneficial relationship. Customize and personalize our services so you can feel confident in using our facility for your boxing needs. Used Cardboard Boxes Near me We specialize in buying & selling reusable boxes because every box deserves a second chance. We take your used, overrun or misprinted boxes that you have no use for to help another organization in need. This helps businesses that buy or sell with us to support our green initiative by reusing boxes and saving trees! Check out some of our box specials that are updated each month at a price that can’t be beat. Our ordering process is simple and quick making working with our company an efficient and cost-saving experience. For more information regarding our services, used boxes for sale or to request a quote for your business, contact us today at (773) 890-4500.

How to Reduce Packaging Costs

Although packaging may be a vital part of your business, it doesn’t need to be the most expensive part. As a premier box company in Chicago that buys and sells used boxes, we know all about reducing packaging costs. Check out our 4 tips below on how your company can reduce packaging expenses this year. Reduce Cardboard Use Less cardboard use means less money spent. Your company can maximize packaging space by analyzing product size and matching with the accurate sized cardboard box. Just remember that quality is key, be sure to actively check for compliance with packaging legal regulations and policies. By packaging products with precise box sizes, your packaging will be minimized resulting in a money saving solution! Package Properly Your company can minimize product waste by ensuring the use of proper packaging for each product. By taking space, temperature, and transit into consideration when picking your materials, your company will be sure to save a dime or two! Leader Box offers quality packaging supplies from packing peanuts to stretch rolls. Inquire with us here. Organize Your Inventory Every so often it’s important to check your inventory and see where extra product may lie. Staying organized can help your business identify infrequently used packaging materials and group them together for optimal use. This will allow your warehouse to stay organized and use product that may have been forgotten. Cardboard Box Recycling As a company that believes in a greener alternative, we strongly encourage cardboard box recycling. Here at Leader Box Corporation, we will buy or sell your used, misprinted, obsolete boxes helping you to reduce your cost. Contact us for a quote today. Leader Box Is Here to Help By taking packaging costs seriously, you can discover valuable cost saving techniques for your company that will help to increase your profit margin. We at Leader Box Corp, your “package store near me“, can help you find great deals on Gaylord boxes, corrugated boxes, surplus boxes and more. We provide high-quality used boxes for a less expensive price resulting in a cost efficient solution for your business. Get in touch with us today online or by calling (773) 890-4500!

How to Choose the Best Shipping Boxes

It may be difficult to choose the right shipping boxes for your company. This is why we at Leader Box want to help make this process simple and effective. We buy and sell used cardboard boxes that are the best shipping boxes on the market! Check out our tips below on how to get started and choose the best shipping boxes for your company. What is Your Product? When thinking about choosing the best boxes, you must first consider what products you are going to be shipping. For example if you are shipping any perishable items, you will need to consider a box that is good with temperature changes. If you are shipping breakable items, extra packaging is a must. Leader Box offers a variety of packaging supplies perfect to fit your product’s needs. We also can provide the best used Gaylord boxes on the market. They are strong, heavy and durable pallet sized boxes that come in a variety of shapes and are entirely recyclable. What Shipping Style Do You Need? In addition to the durability of the boxes you are choosing, you will also need something that is the right size. Easy-Fold Mailers are great for flat or narrow products, and are compact and efficient. Corrugated Mailers are best for grouping together small or multiple items. Front lock mailers make unboxing smooth and simple which may be pleasing to your customers. The key thing to take away from shipping boxes b2b is to not waste any space in your boxes. An oversized box can rack up heavy shipping charges and require more void fill and carton-sealing tape. It can also increase the risk of your products becoming damaged. Why Buy Used When you are in the market to buy shipping boxes, you may want to consider the newest and least used boxes for your business, but that isn’t necessarily the best option. We at Leader Box provide the best used cardboard boxes that will not only save your company money on boxing costs, but they are also recyclable which is a greener alternative for your company. We carefully sort through and thoroughly check each box to make sure they are of good quality, strong, and are just like new before they are shipped to our customers. Leader Box offers shipping boxes near me for the lowest prices possible for sustainable boxes of all sizes and shapes that can perfectly fit the needs of your product. We will also buy your used, misprinted, overrun boxes so you don’t have to worry about disposing of them. For more questions regarding used shipping boxes or to request a quote, contact us today!

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Springtime brings warm weather, flowers blooming, outdoor activities, and the dreaded spring-cleaning list. We know maintaining a warehouse can be a lot of work, especially when it’s time for a spring cleaning, so we want to make your spring-cleaning chores go much smoother this year with a list of 10 tips to offer. Check them out below! 1.Create A Plan – The key to a successful spring cleaning is to have an organized plan. Before starting any maintenance or cleaning, have a checklist prepared. This way, you can delegate tasks and coordinate with schedules and the best times to clean. 2. Talk with Employees – The last thing you want to do is upset employees by springing a list of chores on them on top of their regular workload. Be sure to sit down with them and give them a heads up on the tasks to come and be sure to ask for their input. They may know what needs to be cleaned or fixed more than you! 3. Delegate – Avoid giving one employee a task that takes more than a couple of hours to complete. Assign the task to multiple employees to avoid wasting time and putting too much work on one person. 4. Scheduled Maintenance – In addition to yearly spring cleaning, it’s also a great time to do a maintenance check. This ensures all equipment is working properly and prevents any sort of future breakdowns or accidents. 5. Safety Protocols – Spring Cleaning is a great time to go over safety protocols with your staff and ensure everything is up to code. 6. Timing – The best time to clean is when fewer people are around. Be sure to time your tasks when the warehouse is less crowded to not interrupt regular productivity. 7. Organization – Remember that not only are you cleaning, but you are also organizing. If you notice something is out of place while cleaning, create a home for it so that your warehouse is not cluttered. 8. Weekly Chore List – Are you intimidated by your long list of spring-cleaning chores? Why not try a weekly chore list amongst your team to help prevent having to clean a large amount right after Winter. This will help your team maintain little by little resulting in less work for Spring. 9. De-Clutter – When in doubt, throw it away! Working in a cluttered environment will cause morale to plummet and hinders productivity. Leader Box has plenty of boxes to offer to help keep your warehouse organized. Check out our current box specials today. 10. Stick to a Plan! – After all your time and effort cleaning and organizing, the best way to keep your warehouse clean is to ensure you stay on top of all of your tasks throughout the year. Do you have a surplus of used cardboard boxes after all of your spring cleaning? No Worries! We at Leader Box want to take those used boxes off your hands. We will buy your used and obsolete boxes to help keep your warehouse decluttered! If you need boxes to help you organize, contact us today or take a look at our April Leader box specials.

10 Creative Ways to Reuse Boxes

Online shopping has many perks. You don’t have to leave your house and your order is conveniently delivered to your door, but what do you do with all the leftover boxes? We at Leader Box have come up with 10 creative ways to reuse all those amazon boxes you have collected. 10 Ways to Reuse Boxes 1.Gardening – Spring has sprung and it’s the perfect time to start planning this year’s garden. For many plants, you need to start the growth inside, and then transfer your plant to a larger pot outside. This is where cardboard boxes come in. They will save you money on a small planter and make great temporary homes for your plants. 2.Yard Solution – In addition to cardboard being used for gardening, it can also be used to keep the weeds in your yard away. Just place flat pieces of cardboard on your weed-prone areas and water thoroughly to help them stay put. When you are done, add soil or mulch on top to camouflage the cardboard. 3.Child’s Play – Your child may have all the toys in the world, but the one thing kids love is cardboard! Save your boxes and have them build a fort! They can color the cardboard or decorate it to match their style. It will be a great way for them to use their imagination. 4.Cat Entertainment – Cardboard boxes are a great space your cat will love. Not only do they enjoy taking refuge in boxes, but they also love the feeling of the cardboard. So why not save your furniture and give your cat a new, fun place to hang out where they can also feel safe. 5.Drink Coasters – Looking for a quick save for your tables, but don’t have time to shop for coasters? A pair of scissors and some cardboard is all you need. You can also protect your floor as these make great furniture sliders! 6.Gift Tags or Gift Wrap – Have a party to go to but you forgot to buy gift wrap? No worries! Reusing your cardboard box for a gift is a great idea. You can also cut out pieces of cardboard and attach some string or ribbon and voila, you have a gift tag! 7.Crafting – Reusing cardboard boxes for crafting is always a good idea. You can create your own paint easel, make a DIY picture frame or even your own wall art. The possibilities are endless! 8.Party Décor– When you have cardboard, there’s no need to visit the party store. You can cut different shapes and designs out of cardboard allowing for a sturdy, creative decoration for your next celebration. 9.Organization – Buying plastic containers to organize can get expensive. Save your time and money and use cardboard to organize your belongings. Cardboard is great to separate items or to use as file holders. 10.Bird Feeder –Give your feathery friends a tasty treat by making a homemade birdfeeder out of a cardboard toilet paper roll as your base. Cover it with peanut butter and roll it in bird seed. Then slip a string or ribbon through it and hang from a tree close to your window. The birds will be thrilled! There are many ways to reuse cardboard boxes and as a company that believes in going green, we hope these 10 tips were helpful! If you are looking to sell or need to buy used boxes, we are the company for you. Contact us today or check out our current March specials!

How to Decide if You Should Reuse or Recycle Your Boxes

Do you have a surplus of cardboard boxes that you don’t know what to do with? It may be hard to decide if you should reuse the boxes you have or recycle them. Follow our tips below from Leader Box on how to decide if you should reuse or recycle your boxes. How to Recycle Boxes You might be wondering; are boxes recyclable? Cardboard is one of the most common accepted items that you can recycle. When you recycle cardboard boxes, the old cardboard can be turned into new boxes. But you might be pondering; what if my cardboard boxes are damaged? There are simple measures to take to ensure your boxes can be recycled. First, cardboard boxes are much easier to store when they’re broken down. Make sure your boxes are emptied, then tear off the tape and flatten them. This allows for easier storage. Next, if any of your boxes have water damage, cut or tear that section out. Damaged cardboard can be very difficult for recycling centers to deal with, even if the water damage has dried. Lastly, be sure to know your community’s recycling center rules and keep your boxes in a safe place until collection day. Cardboard box recycling is a simple and great way to help the environment. When to Reuse Cardboard boxes can be used for a variety of things. Moving boxes are a hot commodity and most people do not want to pay a premium at a chain store for them. Gather the boxes you have that are in the best condition and offer them to a friend in need that is moving or perhaps list them on a resale site. You will be helping someone out and removing clutter at the same time. An additional option is to compost your boxes. If gardening is a hobby of yours, cardboard can be added to your compost pile to create a mulch that will help your plants grow! Are you planning on remodeling your home? Cardboard can be used to protect your new flooring or other valuable belongings. Whether you recycle or reuse your boxes, cardboard can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Are you looking for a place to recycle boxes near me? Leader Box is happy to buy or sell your used boxes for you. Request a quote today or check out our February box specials here.

Who Buys Cardboard Boxes in Chicagoland?

Are you looking to sell used cardboard boxes for your company this year? Then we are the Chicagoland boxing company for you. Leader Box is the largest complete packaging house for surplus corrugated boxes, and we will buy your used boxes too! Find out more below. We Will Buy Your Used Boxes Our Leader Box approach is simple, if you are looking to sell your used and overrun boxes, then we are looking to buy them. Leader Box Corp. has been thriving in the packaging industry since 1950. For over 3 generations, we have been specializing in surplus, overrun, misprint, job-lot, once-used and pallet sized corrugated boxes. Why Sell to Leader Box? Leader Box Corp. is a family-oriented business. We care about you and your business, and we offer customized and personalized services to the businesses we serve. We’ll help give your boxes a second life before they are recycled. In addition, we’ll pay a higher price than the traditional scrap market helping to save your company money and achieve sustainability. Help Your Company Go Green We believe that sustainability is key and selling used boxes will emphasize your company’s commitment to being environmentally friendly. Businesses that sell to us are supporting our green initiative by reusing boxes and saving trees! With a new year beginning, we want to help start 2021 right by educating people about the importance of re-using corrugated boxes and by helping companies choose a greener alternative. Are you looking for cardboard boxes near me or wondering what to do with cardboard boxes? Request a quote today so we can help take your overrun, used boxes off your hands. Not looking to sell? We have a variety of used boxes and packaging supplies at a great price. Check out our current specials today!

Choosing the Best Style of Corrugated Trays

With a variety of corrugated trays to pick from, you may be having a difficult time choosing. There are many types of corrugated trays to choose from, each having their own strengths and weaknesses that make them better suited for particular projects. Read more below on our tips for how to choose the best style of corrugated trays for your business. Infold Trays Infold trays are great to use for lids. They are designed so that the board memory of the folded tray pushes inward. This helps in making sure the product stays secure. Infold trays have a smaller folded footprint than outfold trays making them a more reliable product. Outfold Trays Outfold trays are another great corrugated product to use. They naturally open outward making them easy to load and are less difficult to glue together. This product is also generally more inexpensive than infold trays. You will be able to get more on your pallet due to the tray having the ability to stay open wider. However, this product does tend to bow out and may require plastic wrap to stay upright and secure. Corrugated Cardboard Hamper Trays Are you looking to make gift boxes this holiday season? Corrugated cardboard hamper trays allow you to create your own special personalized gifts for your loved ones. These trays are made with high quality paper attached to a durable corrugated board to give these hamper boxes a premium finish and the strength to hold heavier items. These cardboard hampers are easily constructed by folding the sides over and locking the tabs into slots on the base. You can fill these trays with sweet treats to make the perfect gift box this holiday season. Corrugated cartons and trays are a staple of product packaging for good reason. So which tray is the best style? All are great depending on your boxing needs. They are a relatively inexpensive, easy to use, recyclable product that can be cut to about any size or shape imaginable. With some glue and great imagination, all of these trays are great options for your boxing needs! Looking for boxes this holiday season? Here at Leader Box, we specialize in buying and selling reusable boxes. We are the largest complete packaging house for surplus corrugated boxes, and we can furnish your company with all of your packaging needs including, but not limited to, stock boxes, custom boxes, bubble wrap, stuffing papers, stretch film, poly bags and more. Contact us today for all of your boxing needs.

How to Streamline Your Pack and Ship Process

How to Streamline Your Pack and Ship Process During this ongoing pandemic, online shopping has never looked so good. Of course, we look forward to the day when we can return to our favorite local shops and buy in person again. Those days seem far away. And besides, e-commerce has been on the rise long before anyone ever heard the word COVID-19. While it is true that Americans will continue to purchase online goods in a post-pandemic world, it is also true that companies will never stop looking for ways to streamline their pack and ship process. Therefore, any effort to streamline warehouse systems is always good business practice. Streamline Shipping From filling initial orders to accepting returns, if things can go wrong in the e-commerce warehouse process they probably will. In fact, returns are a fact of life in the online shipping business and they’re twice the rate as those of brick and mortar stores. Some of this has to do with consumer attitudes towards returning merchandise after impulse buys. Much of it is due to labeling errors during the shipping process. At any rate, any company doing business online today needs to be prepared to deal with a high volume of return shipping. Start with Quality Packing Materials Thankfully, there’s always a steady stream of new technology to assist with the e-fulfillment process. This includes new ways to print labels as well as software to deal with the logistics of it all. That said, human error can be the wrench that messes up the system. Having the right printing and packaging materials goes a long way to ensuring things stay on track. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that whatever packaging methods you use for your business, it all starts with quality materials. Lead with Leader Box Leader Box Corp. wants to be a part of your business. Our company was founded in 1950 and since then we have proudly served businesses in the Midwest with corrugated boxes of all sizes. Additionally, our packaging supplies help streamline packaging so you can focus on other areas of your business. We are a green and sustainable company and strive to help our customers be eco-friendly too. We know warehouse management is about more than packaging. It’s about people too which is why you should choose a company that cares about people as well as product. For all of your packaging needs, Leader Box Corp has it all.

Technologies for Warehouse Automation

Technologies for Warehouse Automation Warehouses have been going through automation for years and years to make things work more efficiently. However, recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has made warehouse automation even more important. With how easy it is to spread the virus, having more automated systems can make it so less people have to come in contact with each other. Below, you can learn more about some technologies for warehouse automation, and how they might help your business. According to Research and Markets, “Adoption of warehouse automation technologies has accelerated as warehouses adjust to social distancing and several companies are investigating how automated technology can be incorporated into their warehouse operations. Piece picking is one area that can be challenging to automate especially for e-commerce order fulfillment where items can be highly varied. One company XYZ Robotics has this week closed a $17 million Series A funding round to scale its artificial intelligence driven piece picking solution. The company’s logistics robot incorporates a 3D vision system to help it identify a range of SKUs as well as interchangeable end of arm tools to enable the robot to handle a variety of items. “ This artificial intelligence system is just one of many automated systems that could help your warehouse function more efficiently and more safely during the pandemic. Another automated system that there is a demand for is an autonomous forklift for a warehouse. A company recently raised money to continue their development of self-driving forklifts. These are just a few examples of warehouse automation that can help. How is your warehouse automation reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic? Have you incorporated more automated systems or technologies into your warehouse? There is a lot to think about with the pandemic going on, and warehouses are busy because people are ordering more and more things online. It is important to stay ahead of the curve and be up-to-date as the industry shifts and changes. Leader Box Corp. is a box and packaging supplies company. We buy and sell used boxes for shipping so that we can save the environment and offer you a cost-effective packaging option for your business. We also sell packaging supplies like bubble wrap, stretch film, and more. As you work on warehouse automation, keep in mind other areas where you can save money. One of those areas may be by buying used boxes from us. We can help you save money on boxes because we provide companies with used corrugated boxes for a lower price than buying new boxes. Also, if you have extra gently used boxes, you can sell them to us. This helps with your environmental footprint, as well as saving some money for your business. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help your warehouse.

Warehouse Management Systems Help Setup Social Distancing Guidelines

Warehouse Management Systems Help Setup Social Distancing Guidelines As companies across the US get back to work, serious concerns for worker health remain. Safe reopening is a challenge. Keeping facilities free from infection is a top priority. We know the importance of frequent hand washing, but the need for social distancing guidelines cannot be stressed enough. Keeping workers at safe distances from one another acts as a buffer against the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Having a plan in place before reopening makes the transition easier.   Social Distancing Guidelines Social distancing remains a key part of stopping the spread of airborne viruses. Warehouse workers must observe a 6-foot workspace area with workstations separated by partitions. Regulation of traffic within the facility allows workers and machinery to move in a one-way direction. This limits the chance for close contact. Additionally, frequent cleaning of high-touch surface areas, such as handrails, door handles, and shared warehouse equipment prevents the spread of infections. Setting up tool sanitation stations also ensures that frequent disinfection of shared equipment takes place. Also, breaks should be scheduled strategically to keep large groups from gathering in one place at the same time. Likewise, warehouse management must keep work shifts staggered. This keeps a low occupancy in the warehouse at any given time. This is a lot for warehouse managers to take on. The good news is advanced warehouse management systems make these tasks easier.   Advanced Warehouse Management Systems Of course, businesses want their warehouses up and running fast. But in a post-COVID-19 world, the health and safety of staff and customers are critical to staying open. Fortunately, cloud-based warehouse management systems keep supply chains operating without interruption. Advanced warehouse and distribution using the cloud is an effective way to keep workers safe. These cloud-based management systems give managers the tools needed to enforce social distancing guidelines. By granting access and control of workflow, workspace, and the workers themselves, managers limit contact between workers and keep equipment sanitized and safe. Businesses must implement these measures to further prioritize and guarantee employee and customer health and safety. These systems provide control of the workflow by determining what work is distributed when. They assist with regulating the volume of work tasks as well as the staff who complete them. Warehouse management systems allow for the configuration of traffic and resource controls as well as granting user permissions and rule enforcement. Zoning allows for the allocation of certain sections of warehouse space to specific tasks. All this together gives warehouse managers the ability to scale their operations to any situation. Leader Box Corp. wants to be a part of your business! Founded in 1950, we serve businesses with corrugated boxes of all sizes and packaging supplies that help them keep in operation. We are green and sustainable and help our customers be eco-friendly too. We know warehouse management is about more than tasks and machines. It’s about packaging and people too. For all of your packaging needs, Leader Box Corp has it all.

E-Commerce Driving Demand for Small Warehouses

E-Commerce Driving Bigger Demand for Smaller Warehouses The COVID-19 pandemic has been a scary situation for many people. It has impacted the health and wellbeing of many people, but it has also impacted businesses and the economy. With this pandemic going on, there have been a lot of changes to the way we run our businesses. There have also been different demands for the products and services that people want. Below, we are going to talk about some news related to warehouses and how things have changed since the pandemic. You can learn more information below, and you can let us know if Leader Box Corp. can help you with some of your needs when it comes to your warehouse. With the pandemic going on, many people are ordering more and more things online. The demand for certain products and quick shipping is definitely increasing. This has resulted in an increase in demand for smaller warehouses. Many companies are trying to have more smaller warehouse locations so that they can ship things more quickly to the consumer. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Demand for smaller warehouses is soaring as e-commerce and the push for faster delivery accelerates competition for industrial space close to major population centers.” This increase in demand has made warehouse prices increase, and the availability for these smaller industrial options is also shrinking. This can make it harder for smaller companies to get the space they need because the larger ones have more money to spend. For example, Amazon has been buying up areas to help shorten their delivery window for their Amazon Prime members. This means they need more spaces that are closer to the consumers, and they are getting those. Leader Box Corp. is a company that buys and sells used boxes to companies and warehouses. We know that a box that has been used once can still be used again, so we make it easy for companies to buy a sell used boxes for their warehouses. This can help them save money on shipping materials, but it can also help them do good things for the environment. We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic might have slightly changed the way your business operates or the amount of shipping your company is doing. If you need to buy or sell used boxes, or you need to purchase packaging supplies like corrugated rolled, packing tape, packing peanuts, stretch film, and more, you can reach out to us today.

Exploring the Different Types of Stretch Film

Exploring the Different Types of Stretch Film Stretch wrapping is one of the most common packaging products. There are many types of stretch film. Each type has specific qualifications that make it perfect for the needs of your activity, such as load size and type, performance requirements as well as budget. Below, we will go over the most important types of stretch film to use for your particular applications and needs. What is Stretch Film? Stretch wrap or stretch film is an elastic plastic wrap that is stretched around various products (such as pallets of boxes) for shipping and transportation. The stretch-ability of the film secures the products and ensures they are tightly bound. It is often implemented in the combining of various products but can also be leveraged for packaging bundles of small objects. Stretch wrap sticks tightly to itself and is used in millions of companies across the globe. Types of Stretch Film Cast Stretch Cash stretch is created through a process called cast extrusion. This process requires the propelling of thermoplastic material through a flat die onto a chilled roll. The thickness of the film is determined by how fast the roll pulls away from the flat die. This process also makes the film clear, which allows visibility through the plastic wrap. This plastic film is also silent when coming off the roll and is quite easy to stretch. Cast stretch film is sticky on both sides, allowing the products to stay secure. Blown Stretch Blown stretch is created through a process called blown extrusion. This process required the plastic melting through a circular slit die. After this is enters a tube and air is introduced to the tube, allowing the volume of air to stretch. The air cools the film, this allows the film to be tougher and more resilient to other types of film. This film is tougher than most films. Most people prefer this film when securing loads that may have sharp edges. This film may be tougher than most, but it also is more costly and has poorer film clarity. Hand Stretch Hand stretch film is considered any stretch film roll that is easily applied by hand. Most hand stretch film rolls weigh less than 10 pounds, such as wrapping smaller items together. This film can stretch up to 100%, which contributes to its resistance against tearing. It is easily applied through stretch wrap dispensers and you can choose between blown and stretch wrap. Machine Stretch Machine stretch film is usually applied with a stretch wrap machine. This stretch is usually used for taller pallets. Special machine film carriages are required to fit the rolls into a stretch wrap machine. It’s also available in a wide range of thickness. Machine stretch has excellent stretch and puncture resistance, making it great for wrapping heavier pallets that have sharp and jagged edges. Color Stretch Color stretch films are used for very specific packaging needs. Color stretch film is perfect for warehouse color coding, international shipments or date inventory. It is also puncture resistant. Color stretch film comes off the roll smoothly and quietly and remains transparent. UVI Stretch Ultra violet film is an additive used in making films that need protection from the sunlight. UVI violet rays weaken non-UVI protected stretch wrap products causing them to lose strength and integrity. To Wrap Up After familiarizing yourself with the different types of stretch film listed above, you will be able to choose the best fit for your company and the products you are packaging. For all of your packaging needs, look no further than Leader Box Corp! We are a box company near you and happy to help with all of your packaging needs.

5 Warehouse Organization Tips

How to Organize Your Warehouse Organization may not be the most fun of topics. Many of us groan when we think about the organizing we have to do in our home or office, so if you are thinking about organizing an entire warehouse, it can be even more overwhelming. However, organizing your warehouse can improve efficiency and save time, which can help your company’s bottom line. Clearly, organizing your warehouse can be well worth it, so check out some warehouse organization tips below. Assess Your Current Layout – When you are looking at warehouse layout and organization, you want to give yourself easy access to goods, while maximizing available space and allowing for plenty of working space. First, you want to take a look at your current layout to see where it is working and where it could be working better. Organize Your Inventory – After you assess your layout and possibly change your layout, you will want to organize your inventory based on the layout. The goal of this organization of inventory is to give you easy access to the things you need frequently. Label Everything Well – Labeling will also be extremely important. Now that you have a more organized system, you want to make sure things are labeled properly so that they system is obvious to everyone using it. Be Efficient – Efficiency is another thing to consider when you are performing day-to-day duties. Make sure the workflow of your warehouse makes sense and works as efficiently as possible. Adapt When Necessary – Your warehouse organization is never entirely finished because you will have to check back in to make sure things are working as they should. You will want to consistently reassess and adapt your organization or your processes when necessary. This can help you stay on top of changes that may affect organization and efficiency. When was the last time your warehouse was organized? If it has been awhile, it might be time to do so soon. Organizing your warehouse can save you time, which can save you money, so it is a good thing to do to improve efficiency and productivity. We hope that our warehouse organization tips can help get your warehouse in tip top shape. Another way to improve your warehouse is by using used boxes. At Leader Box, we buy and sell used boxes. We help companies go green and save money by allowing them to buy gently used boxes for their shipping needs. We also buy used boxes from companies so that they can make some money and recycle at the same time. This can help improve your bottom line, and reduce your environmental footprint. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you or if you are interested in more organization tips.

Information About Expanding Your Distribution Network

Information About Expanding Your Distribution Network In the fast-passed world we live in, consumers are expecting goods to be delivered to their doors quicker and quicker. As promises like free shipping and two-day shipping become the norm, the need to deliver goods both cheaper and faster is increasing rapidly. For distributors to meet these demands, that might mean expanding on your distribution network. Why Expand Your Network in the First Place? Customer Demand- As previously mentioned, consumers not only want faster and cheaper service, many consumers expect it. If upholding that promise to your consumers is important, then it might be time to consider expanding your network. Outgrowing Your Current Space – As your business grows, so do your needs. If you are already reaching max capacity, or if you are coming close to doing so, it is the perfect time to consider expanding your network. This is one of the most common reasons to do so. Saving Money – When planned correctly, adding additional distribution centers to your network can actually save you money. The closer the product is to the consumer when they place the order, the less it costs to deliver their order to them. In fact, research suggests that the final segment of the delivery process can make up to 28% of the transportation costs. Things to Think About When Expanding Your Network Profit - One of the most important things to consider when deciding whether you should expand your distribution network is the potential increase in profit. The location where you expand your network is going to play a major role in potential profit. The research is clear that most consumers consider delivery times before purchasing items online. Consider the shipping options you currently offer to get an indication whether or not being able to offer quicker options will result in more profits. Inventory - It is always challenging to manage inventory, so what do you do when you now have multiple fulfillment centers? Depending on your situation, splitting up inventory equally between warehouses may not be the most cost-effective. Instead, consider your top-selling products and stock those in both, while keeping less frequently purchased items at one of the other. Demand – Another thing to consider is where the demand is. Ask yourself questions like, where are you delivering to more consumers? Fewer customers? What are you delivering to these consumers, and what is the average weight of their orders? At Leader Box, we are always ready to help your warehouse be the best it can be. We buy and sell used boxes, as an affordable and green alternative to buying new boxes. Learn more here.

The History of Cardboard

The History of Cardboard From takeout to shoe boxes, that fort-sized box that held your refrigerator to the boxes that moved you across the country with a lifetime of belongings, the cardboard box is a staple in our lives. A constant that is often taken for granted. Without the simple cardboard box, that mountain of Amazon deliveries camped in front of your door or that specialty item that can only be purchased online from that one website may never have found its way safely to you. But, the cardboard box dates back way before the internet and the reign of Amazon. So, where did the cardboard box originate, and what was it used for back then? The following is a brief history of cardboard that may just leave you wanting to know more. Where It All Began - To truly acknowledge the origin of cardboard, we must first pay homage to the origin of paper. Paper was invented in China, and during the Eastern Han Dynasty, the process of pulping was developed that is still the foundation for how cardboard is created today. As Papermaking spread, eventually, it found its way to Europe, and in the early 1800s, the first simple cardboard box emerged in England, resembling that of a cereal box today. The Evolution of Carboard - In the mid-1800s, corrugated paper was being used to line men’s hats. This made them warmer and gave them more structure. Twenty years later, in the United States, corrugated cardboard was first being used to protect glassware as it was shipped between locations. In 1874, a man named G. Smyth invented the first machine for producing large amounts of corrugated cardboard. That same year, improving on the current design, a man named Oliver Long, developed what would most closely resemble the cardboard box of today. Long added a lining on both sides of the corrugated cardboard. A few slight changes since then and we have what one could argue is the foundation that makes much of our society go around. The Cardboard Box – Also during the 1870s, an American known as Robert Gair, accidentally discovered that by creasing paper, or later corrugated cardboard paper, he could make cartons. By the 1900s, these cartons began replacing what were previously wooden crates and boxes. Fast forward to today, and the rest is history. As you can imagine, with just about everyone using cardboard these days, there is a lot of cardboard being sent to trash and recycle. Leader Box Corporation saw an opportunity to reduce that waste and provide companies with an opportunity to save money and do something good for the environment. We do this by reselling used boxes at lower costs to companies. To learn more about what we offer, click here.

Looking to Sell Used Boxes

Looking to Sell Used Boxes? Does your company or corporation have a lot of once-used boxes? Do you have misprinted boxes that can’t be used? Do you have excess boxes? We know that many companies have used boxes that they no longer need, and they may not know what to do with them. That is where we come in! Leader Box buys and sells used boxes to give them another life before they are recycled. We got into business to help the environment and to help companies save money on boxes. We also help companies make money by selling their old boxes. If you have used boxes to sell, we want to buy them. Check out some benefits of selling your used boxes to Leader Box below. Benefits of Selling Used Boxes to Leader Box You Can Save the Environment – Throwing away used boxes is not good for the environment. Even recycling old boxes isn’t as good as giving them another use before they are recycled. You can look out for the environment by selling your used boxes, and we will make sure they are used a second or even a third time before they are eventually recycled. This is good for the planet. You Can Make Some Money with Used Boxes – Selling your used boxes is also good for your company’s bottom line. You can make some money by selling your used boxes. You will be selling us something you were no longer using, so it can be a great deal for everyone. Also, at Leader Box, we pay a higher price than a traditional scrap market would for your used goods, so reach out to us today if you have boxes to sell. Reduce the Waste of Your Company – Selling your used boxes is also a great way to reduce your company’s waste. People are very interested in companies that are being more environmentally friendly. Do you want to be one of those companies that people are praising for their commitment to the planet? Sell us your used boxes today! Leader Box is a box company in Chicago, and we want to buy your used boxes today. Reach out to us for more information on selling and buying used boxes because we will be able to help you out. We are committed to helping companies and helping the environment at the same time.

A Holiday Message from Leader Box

A Holiday Message From Leader Box The holidays are fast approaching, and it is a great time to spend time with family. It is also a great time to reflect upon the passing year as it comes to a close. That is why Leader Box has a message to share with you. When approaching the holiday season, everyone here at Leader Box reflects on those that have made our success possible. Throughout the years, Leader Box has accomplished a lot. This company started with Hy Robbin working as a shipping foreman. Hy saw parts of this operation that he thought could be improved, and he had the idea of reselling used boxes. With this idea, in 1950, Hy started Leader Box Corp. In 1950, Leaderbox was in a 2,000 square-foot warehouse, but by 1986, they were in a 65,000 square-foot warehouse. Leader Box has grown in size, but it has also grown with the employees that have built this company and made it special. This business has been a family business ever since it started, and now it spans three generations. In 1995, Hy and Lillian’s grandson Rob Scher joined the company, and in 2016, Rob became president of the company. This holiday season, we want to reflect on our success and thank you for all your help. Also, if your company needs to sell any boxes after the holiday season, we would be happy to purchase those from you. Check out that service and our other services below. Our Services: We Buy and Sell Used Boxes – We believe that we can offer people a great deal and help the environment at the same time. That is why we buy used boxes from companies after they are done with them. We then sell these used boxes at a discounted rate so that everybody wins! We Provide Packaging Supplies – Do you need packaging supplies to go with your boxes? At Leader Box, we sell packaging supplies like corrugated boxes, corrugated roll, packing peanuts, stretch film, packing tape, and more. The team at Leader Box wants to wish you a holiday season filled with joy and laughter. We wish you prosperity in the coming year and look forward to working with you soon. Reach out to us if you have any questions about the services we offer and what we can do for you.

Benefits of Cardboard

Benefits of Cardboard Cardboard is the packing material for many companies. Its durable construction ensures the material can carry a wide range of weights, protects against moisture and is cost-effective. Also, there’s a good chance that you won’t be running out of the material anytime soon. Below, we will go over just a few reasons why cardboard packaging is the best packing product.   Protection   Cardboard is made from arched paper known as “fluting”. This fluting provides a cushion for any product, keeping items inside safe. Depending on the amount of protection that is required carboard boxes can range in sizes. Moisture is also kept away from the products inside of the box.   Affordability   With cardboard boxes being as affordable as they are, they thus have become the #1 packaging product. We, here at Leader Box, have a wide range of boxes varying in sizes, shape and thickness. We are in the heart of Chicago and has been the Midwest’s one stop shop for boxes and packaging supplies for over 60 years. We are the largest complete packaging house for surplus corrugated boxes, and we can furnish you with all of your packaging needs including, but not limited to, stock boxes, custom boxes, bubble wrap, stuffing papers, stretch film, poly bags and much more! We have the best products at the best prices! The ordering process is as simple as can be. Check it out!   Flexibility and Light Weight   Cardboard boxes, as we stated before, come in a wide range of sizes and are also very light weight. Their light weight makes it easy for carrying conditions. No one wants to carry a heavy package for a long distance! Shopping for boxes at Leader Box makes it simple because we have every and any size you need. Here, you will be able to find a good cardboard box to accommodate the dimensions you need!   Have we convinced you that the cardboard box is the best packaging material?! Cardboard boxes are the least expensive material, don’t require high labor costs, and are easy to recycle! Make sure to check out the boxes that are available right now at Leader Box. We always have special monthly pricing going on. Once you find the size of the box you want, head over to our other packaging supplies we offer to help guarantee whatever your packaging a safe arrival!

Why Choose Leader Box?

Why Choose Leader Box? In the years leading after World War II, Robbin was working as a shipping foreman for a Chicago-based waste paper company. Today it is known as a recycling company. With an idea to change the operation, he wanted to take boxes and condense them to save money and help the environment. In 1950, Robbin took his idea and long behold started the Leader Box Corp.   Successfully in the packaging industry since 1950, Leader Box Corp. has specialized in boxing supplies for over 3 generations long. As a family oriented company, we here at Leader Box Chicago understand how important it is for your family to receive personalized service at an affordable price.   We take great pride in our company being sustainable, which allows our customers to be environmentally friendly as well. Our corrugated boxes, corrugated roll, packing peanuts, packing tape, stretch film, blank newsprint, cardboard, and used boxes are all eco-friendly choices for your needs.   Whether you have boxes to sell or are looking to buy new or used boxes for sale, choose Leader Box Corp. and help reduce waste by reusing boxes. When you choose us as your new packaging supplier, you are choosing to save money and help the environment.   We care about your business and can offer customized service based on your needs. When you pick our box company in Chicago, you are taking the initiative to care about the environment with us and help make our business green, all while saving money.   At Leader Box, you can get used gaylord boxes at a less expensive price than other places. How you might ask? Boxes were made for a specific reason for a specific customer, but somehow they were incorrect quantity, etc. allowing for extra boxes produced. That means as a result you are getting these boxes from us at a very good discount!

Who Invented the Cardboard Box?

There are only a handful of inventions over time that blend into our daily lives and the cardboard box is one of them. At Leaderbox Chicago, we know some of our happiest moments come from when we get to tear open that box at our front door. So, who invented this box? Find out below.   The cardboard box or Gaylord box dates all the way back to the 1800’s. Yes, you heard that right! In the early 19th century, 1817, a German board game was created and is the oldest example of a cardboard box. Since the Game of Besieging, more 19th century companies began to follow.   The main use of the box, similar to today, was used for storage and to transport things across locations. The real big breakthrough was later in 1879. Robert Gair was the owner of a paper factory in Brooklyn. He saw the idea that he could get a single sheet of cardboard and then have his printing press cut it all in one time.   With huge success, he was able to sell a 2 million-piece order for the cracker czars known as Nabisco. Long behold snack food could travel all over! The food transportation game forever changed thanks to Mr. Gair.   As a box company Chicago, we know just how many uses a box can have. Other people in the early 1900’s discovered that as well. Because of Robert’s box idea, the government adapted his idea in the 1930’s to give to mothers. These boxes were used for people who could not afford cribs for their baby. Babies took some of their first naps in these types of boxes.   Next time you see a box make sure to remember who got the idea! Are you looking for cardboard boxes to invent your next idea? Visit us online and see how we can help. We offer used and new boxes to start your ideas. Just search “boxes for sale” or “boxes for sale near me” today.

11 Ways to Repurpose a Cardboard Box

11 Ways to Repurpose a Cardboard Box We know what you’re thinking, how can I put a cardboard box to good use? Maybe you just finished moving into a new place and are not quite ready to dispose of your boxes just yet. At Leader Box Chicago, we have put together a list of ways to reuse those boxes!   You can make use of an old box by making drawer dividers. This is a great way to recycle and help keep yourself more organized in an easy way. All you need is cardboard, a ruler, and a box cutter to make these easy and simple drawer dividers.   The next way to put a box to good use is to donate them to charity. Many organizations in your area, or maybe even someone you know could use those boxes for something when you no longer need them. With back to school around the corner, boxes are something schools could always use.   Feed the birds! Yea you heard that right. Don’t feed them cardboard, but use it to attach bird food, peanut butter, and more on them. You can cut the cardboard into different shapes and attach a string so you can hang them from the trees. This is something kids would love to make as well.   Make some paint palettes for your next home improvement project or fun craft. Being able to cut the cardboard into a fun shape, it is much more fun than painting with an average paper plate. Get creative and start using your Gaylord boxes in a new way!   You can make homemade coasters for drinks with the old boxes as another idea. Cut the box into small circles and design them with paint, stickers, stencils, and more to go with your home’s theme.   Up next, use pieces from the box under furniture before you move to avoid the floors from being scratched. This is a great moving tip to use and it doesn’t cost a thing because you already have the cardboard boxes laying around.   While spray painting and painting furniture, you can place it inside the box to prevent overspray from getting on the grass, or anything else outside. You can stay clean and revamp your furniture at no extra cost.   Playhouses are another great way to use your cardboard boxes for some creative fun. Kids loving making forts and playhouses. Simply cut and tape the box into the shape you desire and then let your kids paint or draw on the doors and windows! You can also make a playhouse for your pet by inserting a shirt over a box.   The last way you can get creative with your old box is to use it for wrapping up a gift. When the holidays approach, gift wrapping can get costly. Use your old boxes to wrap up gifts and save some cash!   Are you looking for a box company in Chicago? Look no further than Leader Box Corp! Just search “boxes for sale” or “boxes for sale near me” and start browsing today! Request a quote and buy now online!

7 Ways Cardboard Packaging Has Changed the World

7 Ways Cardboard Packaging Has Changed the World You may not realize it, but cardboard and the many forms it has been made into has made life way easier for everyone. It might come off sounding a bit unusual, but cardboard boxes have played a crucial role in keeping our lives organized. Read below to see the 7 ways cardboard has changed the world. 1. It has been keeping your products safe for centuries. Going back to the first use of a cardboard box in 1817, this material has been safely storing all products through travel. Today, about 80% of packaging comes to you in cardboard- a pretty large amount of goods! 2. It keeps your food fresh and safe from exposure. Try going into the grocery store and count how many foods are in cardboard. It would probably take you days to count thanks to its extended shelf life. Fresh foods are also stored in cardboard packaging because of its tough exterior. 3. It reduces waste. Just like our used cardboard boxes, this material can be reused and transformed into many different things. When you are done using boxes, they can be easily broken down and recycled. 4. It can be converted into shelter for those who need it. While the structure is meant to be a short-term solution, it can make a huge difference when the weather is bad. 5. The boxes build up people’s excitement. We all know the feeling- getting that package delivered to your door step and you can’t wait to tear it open. The intrigue and anticipation can be good for one’s health. 6. It can spark a creative side to use with you or your family. There are many things you can do with a cardboard box that children will love! You can build a fort, spaceship, or make it a great painting surface. Let’s also not forget about pets and their love for boxes. 7. It has changed the way goods are delivered. Before cardboard boxes were created, heavy wooden crates were used to ship goods at a lower quantity at a time. Today, it’s light weight has transformed delivery. Are you looking for “cardboard boxes for sale near me”? Visit us at Leader Box Corp today and learn how you can make use of our boxes today!

How Online Shopping Changed How Much We Use Cardboard

There is no doubt that online shopping has changed the way we use cardboard. One simple click online and your purchase will arrive at your doorstep – probably inside of a cardboard box. But how is this affecting us? Since the rise of the Internet, things have gotten a lot easier for consumers to shop. Fast Company reports that about 165 billion packages are shipped in the US each year, with the cardboard used roughly equating to more than 1 billion trees. Instead of physically driving to a brick and mortar store, consumers log online and purchase items from the convenience of their homes. While this is technically cutting down on individual's carbon footprints by not taking their car out to the store, it is increasing the accumulation of cardboard boxes. While the majority of this accumulated cardboard is recycled, there is still a whopping 10 percent of cardboard boxes that end up in landfills. But some experts say that recycling cardboard boxes isn’t enough to help the environment. Overall, most experts point to consumerism as the problem and the answer. If cardboard boxes are accumulating due to consumers buying products online, what can be done to reduce environmental waste? One way consumers can combat this issue and help the environment is by making eco-friendly choices. Implementing green behaviors into your everyday life is one major way everyone can reduce cardboard waste and make the planet a little greener. Brand-owners, retailers also need to find greener solutions to help reduce the packaging impact on the environment. Click here for more ways to reuse cardboard boxes and cardboard boxes for sale, or visit Leader Box today!

How a Cardboard Box Is Made

How a Cardboard Box Is Made Cardboard boxes are a commodity we might take for granted. When we order products off of the Internet, they arrive on our doorstep packaged neatly inside of a cardboard box. We use cardboard boxes when we move to a different apartment, and we also use them to wrap up presents for loved ones during the holidays. These sturdy boxes come in handy, but how are they made? First things first, a cardboard box is made up of recycled materials. This includes the flute and the liners. Although the flute is inserted between two liners, both components typically consist of material from recycled cardboard. But a cardboard box has to start somewhere before it is recycled. It all starts with the trees. We all know that paper is made from trees, and the same rings true for cardboard. Softwood trees turn into the best cardboard since they have long fibers, which hold more tension and produce burst resistant boxes. Examples of softwood trees include Fir, Spruce, and Pine trees. Typically, Scandinavian Softwood trees produce boxes of a dark brown color while Russian Softwood trees create cardboard containing dark patches and variations of its brown color.   Now that we know which trees are used, how do they actually transform into cardboard? Well, the trees are first chopped into logs, debarked and chipped. Next, the trees either undergo mechanical or chemical pulping. After the chips are broken down into a brown raw material to be made into paper or cardboard, the fluting process begins. Fluting is a fancy word for the wavy piece of cardboard you see in between two straight pieces of paper, or liners. Fluting makes the cardboard box strong enough to hold material and resistant to damage. After all the pieces of cardboard have been properly fluted and lined, the cardboard box is sprayed with an adhesive to act as a protectant, as well as to help assemble the final product into the shape of a box. So there you have it - a simple product, a complex process. For more information about our used boxes and used boxes for sale visit  After all, who wouldn’t want to recycle their boxes after learning about the long process it takes to create cardboard!

About Earth Day

All About Earth Day We at Leader Box Corp. pride ourselves on being a green company. To highlight the importance of Earth Day, we wanted to discuss the origin and importance of this tremendous day. The nation celebrates a progressive holiday every year on April 22 – Earth Day. Although this day serves to remind us that our planet needs people to enact greener practices, this holiday is also steeped in history. After seeing how destructive the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California was, U.S. Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed the idea for Earth Day. Shortly after his proposition, Nelson became the founding father of Earth Day, a day for the nation to focus on the environment and support green efforts. One year after the oil spill, the first Earth Day was celebrated by more than 20 million Americans! Although it was a gamble that Americans would celebrate this holiday, they were more than willing to. Not only did the first Earth Day bring democrats and republicans together, but it also united the rich and poor, farmers and city dwellers, as well as conservative parents and liberal college students alike. Due to the massive support Earth Day received in its first year, government-funded programs to help protect the environment emerged. Not only was the United States Environmental Protection Agency born, but the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts were also created. Click here for more information about Earth Day or to learn how you can help the environment. Visit Leader Box today to speak to someone about adopting greener habits like using used boxes instead of new ones for your next move or craft project!

What’s a Flute?

What’s a Flute? You have your design picked out, now it’s time to decide on two things: board strength and board type. It’s hard to talk about packaging without knowing more about strength and board type (flutes). So, grab a cup of coffee and get comfy: we are going to go over the essential parts of corrugated material. Board Strength Depending on the box size, you may need to choose your board strength. Board strength refers to the Edge Crush Test (ECT). This is a performance test and is related to the stacking strength of a carton. It is usually listed as an ECT value. If you are shipping a product that weighs between 25-40 pounds, a 32 ECT single-wall carton should be enough. You will need to use 44 ECT for anything over 40 pounds and up to 95 pounds. Board Type Corrugated cardboard is comprised of three layers: two linerboards sandwich a middle sheet that is in a wave-shaped pattern known as flutes. These flutes give strength and structure to boxes and serve as a protector, insulator, and cushion. Each flute size has a useful function, from shipping strength to reducing storage shape and improved printability. How Do You Know Which Flute to Choose?E-Flute The E-flute is one of the most popular and smallest flutes. It has a flat surface which makes it ideal for high-quality printing. It has a very thin profile thus reduces outer box dimensions and can help save on storage space. It also provides the best crush resistance making it a good choice for glass, delicate items and more. B-Flute The B-flute is a good alternative to the E-flute when packaging heavier items. With a thickness of 1/8’ and shorter flutes, this type of box provides a rigid, flat surface for printing. This is the type you often see in retail stores. C-Flute The C-flute is used for shippers and has a thickness of 3/16’. It’s the most widely used box. These flutes are taller, giving C-flutes more cushioning than B-flutes. You will be able to pack heavier items due to its crushing resistance and stacking strength. As you can see, things can get a little complicated when it comes to different flutes. Our team will help you determine the right board strength and type for your corrugated cardboard needs!

Top Global Packaging Trends

Top Global Packaging Trends In today's time, trends are always changing. In one day-out the next. Some trends are born new, some come due to a need of change and others simply because of changing times. We, along with many others, don’t know why trends change, but we can all agree that they do. Mintel, a leading market intelligence agency, published a list of trends set to impact the packaging industry over the next couple of year and below we list the top Trends. Packaged Planet Consumers nowadays are more conscious of the environment and want to help by purchasing products that are packaged using biodegradable packaging while also looking professional and well designed. People want to live a low waste lifestyle. Repackage Online shopping is becoming the new “norm.” According to eMarketer, e-commerce sales are forecast to reach $4 trillion globally by 2020, representing nearly 15% of total global retail sales. Consumer love the convenience and experience of online shopping. The right packaging can elevate a brand like no other. The wrong packaging can do the complete opposite-bring much disappointment and possibly deter them from ordering from the company again in the future.  Mintel reports that, “Now is the time for brands to consider how packaging can alleviate, if not eliminate, consumer frustration with over packaged and even under-branded goods sold online.” Clean Label “Aiming for packaging designs that enlighten consumers’ purchase decision, brands will reject approaches that offer too much or too little as they can leave shoppers more confused that informed.” The challenge is to find the perfect medium between not enough and just enough information needed. Re-navigate Declining interest in packaging has created a trend in packaging design. Younger shoppers look at the packaging and decide based on what they see. Think about what type, shape or color packaging sticks out from the crowd; anything that will draw people to your product. Leader Box Corp. is a green company whose goal is to ensure others that they will benefit from buying and selling used boxes and will help the environment in doing so. We believe that sustainability is key! The more people that buy and sell used cardboard boxes or re-use boxes will prevent trees from being cut down. If you or your business is looking for corrugated boxes near Chicago, check out Leader Box Corp. For more information on cardboard, its uses, and how to recycle it, visit Leader Box today!

Why Recycle Cardboard Boxes?

Why Recycle Cardboard Boxes? Old corrugated cardboard, also referred to as OCC, represents a significant amount of solid waste stream due to its repetitive use. The United States uses old corrugated cardboard in 90% of all products being shipped today. Most old corrugated cardboard is used in the commercial packaging or non-residential sector. Many businesses use a large amount of cardboard, ranging from retail to manufacturing, food service to health care and education to government.   It’s often very cost effective for businesses to bale or compact their cardboard waste, rather than allowing it to accumulate in waste bins and dumpsters. Throwing away cardboard in regular dumpsters takes up space and can cause issues when accumulating. Recycling and baling cardboard can become a source a of revenue for companies when included in a comprehensive waste management system.   Leader Box Corp. and their staff are more than committed to help you and your company recycle and reuse cardboard. There’s also many reasons when recycling cardboard is very important and beneficial for an organization. Recycling can free up space that large, bulky boxes often take up. Recycling, obviously, is very good for the environment and will not accumulate in landfills, like most other waste. As mentioned, recycling can become a source of revenue and its very easy. Finally, cardboard can create a safer and more efficient work environment.   Leader Box Corp. is a green company whose goal is to ensure others that they will benefit from buying and selling used boxes and will help the environment in doing so. We believe that sustainability is key! The more people that buy and sell used cardboard boxes or re-use boxes will prevent trees from being cut down. If you or your business is looking for corrugated boxes near Chicago, check out Leader Box Corp. For more information on cardboard, its uses, and how to recycle it, visit Leader Box today!

Packaging Christmas Gifts for Shipping

Packaging Christmas Gifts for Shipping When thinking of Christmas many different things may be going through your head, but above all is one thing. The gifts! Whether you are the online shopper or like to go into each store, everyone is trying to hunt for the perfect gift for that perfect someone. Buying that perfect gift can be hard, but packaging it up yourself doesn't have to be. Receiving a damaged gift box can put a damper on the Christmas joy. Take your time and really pack the gift in a box safely so that it reaches that final destination in one piece. Below, we here at Leader Box Corp. have included tips and a step by step guide to help make sure that the box is secured and packaged right so it stays intact through the shipping process. Using the Right Size Box The first and foremost requirement while packing your gift is to choose the right sized box. This might seem like an obvious things, but really think about it. You want a box large enough to fit the actual gift and also the packaging materials. Look around the house for old shipping boxes that could possibly fit the role! Just be sure to take off the old shipping label so the package doesn't get misrouted. Cushioning Previously read newspapers or blank newsprint, foam peanuts, corrugated rolls, stretch film, etc are great to use when wanting to protect your shipment. Always make sure to choose the right padding according to the thickness and heaviness of your gift. Use enough cushioning to fill in all the gaps inside the box and along the walls of the inside to prevent any breaks or unexpected flips and turns of the gift. Sealing Lastly, make sure the box is completely sealed from all the elements. You don't want the rain, snow or dust sneaking into your package during the shipment process. Try to apply at least three to four strips of packing tape to the top and bottom openings of the box using the "H" method-taping along all the seams making it look like the letter "H" on both the bottom and the top of the box. There are a lot of ways that you can package your gift safely this holiday season. Above we have shared a few tips and tricks. Here at Leader Box Corp. we buy and sell used boxes and other packaging supplies.

How to Choose the Right Boxes

                            When choosing and packing, there’s much more to consider than just attempting to make everything fit in the available space. Quite often, consumers disregard choosing the right boxes – an underestimated necessity. Choosing the right boxes is extremely important, not only for organizational purposes, but also for keeping belongings safe, secure and dry. Boxes vary in size and quality and each type has different applications and characteristics. Don’t be someone who has the mentality, “A box is a box.” Before you can choose boxes, you must understand the different types available. Let’s unbox the lineup, pun intended.   Used Cardboard boxes are the obvious choice amongst storage seekers due to they’re inexpensive, lightweight and easy to pack. From an environmental standpoint, cardboard boxes are also easily recyclable for future purposes. If you plan on storing long term, cardboard may be the best choice. If your storage space is temperature controlled, cardboard boxes may be the best option.   Specialty Gaylord boxes are often used for belongings that are fragile or valuable because they are specifically designed to safely store a specific item. Some various examples of items that may be stored in these boxes are dishes, decorations, art, flat screens, etc. The biggest benefit of using specialty storage is its ability to make difficult things easy to pack.   Generally, boxes range from small to extra-large in size. A standard small box is about 16 x 12.5 x 12.5, or 1.5 cubic feet. Usually small boxes are designed to hold small items, sometimes slightly heavier, that may cause issues in larger boxes. Medium boxes are about 18 x 18 x 16, or 3 cubic feet. Use these to store larger items that don’t have to be packed as tightly. Large boxes are typically 18 x 18 x 24, or 4.5 cubic feet. They’re good for blankets, lamps, small kitchen appliances, and other various linens. They typically can hold up to 65 pounds, so be wary to not over pack.   Some other tips to consider when packing are to always think quality, stack wisely, don’t forget to label, and fill in the gaps. Keep the above factors in mind when choosing storage boxes and your things will be safe, secure and easily accessible.   For more information regarding choosing the right reusable boxes and box size visit Leader Box or give us a call at (773) 890-4500! We’re always here to help!

Why You Should Reuse Boxes

Why You Should Reuse Boxes Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. That phrase has been thrown around a lot, but do we really think about what it means? We are all familiar with recycling. Recycling has become a very common practice, but do we reduce and reuse materials as often as we could? As a business, it can be overwhelming to think about reducing your footprint. There is a lot that goes into building a business, producing products, and getting those products out into the world. However, there are some really easy steps your business can take to reduce its carbon footprint and save some money at the same time. One step your business can take is to reuse. Reusing Boxes There are a lot of boxes needed for shipping and distribution, but who says you can’t reuse some of those boxes. Reuse shipping boxes is a great way for your business to reduce their carbon footprint. It is also a great way to save your company money. Whether you are talking about small custom boxes or gaylord boxes, you can reuse those boxes as long as they are in good condition. Also, if you have an excess of boxes, you can sell your used boxes so that they can be reused somewhere else. That way, you can get a little extra money, and you can get rid of your extra boxes in an environmentally friendly way. If you don’t have boxes to reuse, you can purchase used boxes for your company to use.  Used boxes are priced lower than other shipping boxes, but they are still in good condition. Buying or using used boxes will help you save money and be more environmentally responsible at the same time. Using used boxes will also help you reduce the number of new boxes that you use. Then, after your boxes are completely worn, you can recycle them. After that, your company will be able to say they have reduced, reused, and recycled. How Can You Get Started Reusing Boxes? Leader Box Corp is a company that has been in the packaging industry since 1950. We specialize in helping the environment and helping our clients by buying and selling used boxes. We know that by reusing boxes, we can help reduce the number of trees that need to be cut down to produce new boxes. We also help our clients save money by selling them used boxes instead of  costly new boxes. If you would like to learn more about reusing boxes, you can reach out to us at Leader Box Corp.  

The BIG Move to Reusable Packaging

More and more, consumers are being conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases. They are calling for businesses to be more responsible and reduce their environmental footprint. Because of this, companies are taking steps to go green. A common way these companies are doing this is by being more eco-friendly with their packaging.   How Can Your Company Be More Eco-Friendly with Packaging?   One huge way to go green with packaging is to reuse shipping boxes. Most shipping boxes are still in good shape after they have been used once, so you can use them again. This will help reduce your waste, and it will also help your company save money.   Another way to be more environmentally friendly with your packaging is to buy used shipping boxes. Just as we discussed above, boxes can be used more than once. If you buy shipping boxes, you can get them for a more affordable price, and you are reusing materials.   One final way to go green is to sell your used boxes to us. If you only used your boxes once, and you don’t have any need for it, sell it instead of recycling it. We will make sure your used boxes get used again before it’s recycled. This will cut down the total amount of boxes being used and the waste that goes along with it.   What Reusable Packaging Looks Like with Leader Box Corp.   At Leader Box Corp., reusable packaging and eco-friendly practices are two things we feel really strongly about. This is because our business has been built on these practices. For years we have been buying once-used boxes from companies and selling them to other companies at a great rate. We do this because it is a way for our customers to save money and save the environment at the same time. If you are looking to buy used corrugated boxes from us at Leader Box, it could help your company to be more environmentally friendly. It could also help you save money. You can also sell us your once-used shipping boxes,, and we will make sure they get reused before they get recycled.   Leader Box Corp. believes in being good to its customers and good to the environment. That is why we do things like sell used shipping boxes. If a corrugated shipping box has only been used once, it is probably still in good shape. At Leader Box Corp., we check used boxes to make sure they are in good condition, and if they are, we reuse them by selling them to you. You get affordable boxes, and we both help the environment, so everybody wins. If you would like to learn more about our used boxes or how we can help your company go green, contact us today!  

Reduce the Waste at Your Company this Summer

Recently, there has been a big push to move environmentally friendly practices in the workplace. Consumers are looking to do business with companies that are eco-friendly. Has your company put any environmentally friendly practices in place? Whether you have or you haven’t, you can check out some of our tips below to reduce waste at your company this summer. Reuse When You Can – Reusing is the first step to reducing the amount of waste your company produces. If you can use boxes or materials more than once, you will have less waste, and you will save money. Take a look at the materials your company uses everyday and see if there is a way to reuse anything. At Leader Box Corp., we are big believers in reusing. In fact, we sell used boxes. We do this because it is more affordable to our customers to buy used boxes, and we also do it because reusing materials is better for the environment. If you think you want to buy used boxes from us at Leader Box, let us know! Use Space Wisely – When you are packaging, you probably have a system for the way you pack things, but it is the most efficient way to do so? Make sure you use your space wisely and pack efficiently. This can help you reduce packaging waste and fit more product into less space. That will help you reduce the amount of materials you need to buy, so you can save money and reduce waste at the same time. Be Smart About Your Packaging Materials – This point may sound like we are going to tell you to go out and buy packaging materials. That is actually the opposite of what we will say here. You don’t necessarily have to use fancy packaging materials, but, instead use materials that are better for the environment. What do we mean by that? Well, that could mean a few different things. It could mean that you reuse materials for your packaging liked used shredded paper that you may already have lying around. It could also mean that you use less packaging materials when possible. Think about the waste that happens with your packaging, and try to make a choice that is slightly better for the environment.   These were just three simple tips to help your company reduce waste this summer. Do you think you can take those on? We think you can!   At Leader Box Corp., we can help you make your company more environmentally friendly by selling you used boxes. We have been in the packaging industry since 1950, and we pride ourselves on some of our environmentally friendly practices like selling and buying used boxes. With used boxes, you save money, and we both save the environment. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about our packaging supplies and more!

Protect Your Product When Shipping: 6 Tips

Protect Your Product When Shipping: 6 Tips Your products are vital to the success of your company. That means you want to protect them. Using quality packaging materials and procedures to pack your products is a great place to start, as bad packaging can lead to a damaged product. Check out these tips to help protect your products when shipping: Use Quality Boxes The first step in protecting your product is about the box you ship it in. You may think it goes without saying to use quality boxes, but you will want to follow this step first. We recommend corrugated boxes they are designed to be strong and withstand the shipping process. Choose the Proper Box Size Your items may be large, fragile or oddly shaped. That makes it very important to choose the proper box size. You want to avoid extra air-space in your box so your product doesn’t move too much when being transported. Use Packaging Supplies When Necessary Your products will probably need a little extra love in the form of packing peanuts or newspaper sheets. These packaging supplies will keep your products safe and snug within your good quality boxes. Seal Your Package Use high-quality packing tape to seal your box. You don’t want tape that will give out on you over the course of the shipping process. Secure Your Package in its Shipping Crate Whether your packages are traveling out via cargo hold, shipping crate or truck, you will want to make sure that everything is packed properly, so your product is secure and arrives at its destination safely. Are you following these tips to make sure your products are safe? We hope so! At Leader Box Corp., we pride ourselves on helping companies find cost-effective packaging solutions. We provide packaging supplies, packing tape, packing peanuts, corrugated boxes, stretch film, bubble wrap, foam wrap, and blank newsprint. These products will help you keep your products safe while you get them where they need to go. We also provide you with a way to save money and help the environment. Leader Box Corp. sells used and surplus boxes at up to half the cost of stock and custom boxes to shipping companies and distribution centers. Reach out to us if you would like to learn more or to receive a quotation!

Top Distribution and Packaging Trends

Top Distribution and Packaging Trends As a distribution center, you want to be sure that you are keeping up with the different trends in your industry as these insights can help improve business processes. Whether it is finding a smarter way of doing things or a better packaging material, it is important to stay up to date with newest trends in your industry. If you are looking for the top distribution and packaging trends, Leader Box Corp. has compiled a list to share. Let’s talk about some of them below. Technology Takeover You are probably already experiencing changes in regards to packaging and distribution that are related to technology. There are now technologies that can lead to more efficient working and smarter distribution centers. You will often be able to save time and money by adding technology and automation into your distribution processes. Multi-Use Packaging Recently, many companies have been transitioning to using more sustainable practices and reusable materials. One easy way this is presenting itself is multi-use packaging. Companies are saving money and helping the environment by using packaging materials that are recycled or can be used again. This trend isn’t a shock for us at Leader Box Corp. because we pride ourselves in being a green company. We buy and sell used boxes to provide a cost-effective and green alternative for companies. Customized Packaging You know that you need to stand out from your competition. One way to do that is with customized packaging. It could be a great unique way to build your brand and stand out from the crowd. At Leader Box Corp., we can provide you with the customized packaging that will help you stand out from the crowd. Consumer’s Expecting Quick Delivery Consumers have always wanted their products quickly, but now, it is becoming more of an expectation. Two-day shipping is expected for many products, and same day delivery is becoming more prominent. It will be important for your distribution center to meet your consumer’s expectations. These are just a few of the trends that we are seeing for the distribution and packaging industry. Is your company taking on these trends? If you need help, Leader Box Corp. is here for you. We provide companies with used boxes to help them be more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective. We can also provide you with customized packaging. Our goal is to offer our customers quality products at affordable prices. We want to help your business run smoothly. Reach out to us if you think we can help!

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Warehouse

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Warehouse Spring has sprung, which means it is time for some spring cleaning! Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your home; it applies to your warehouse as well. Taking some time to do some spring cleaning in your warehouse can help your company be more organized and more productive in the months to come. Check out some of the spring cleaning tips from Leader Box Corp. below, and let us know what you think! 1. Get Rid of What You Don’t Need The first step for a spring clean should always be to clear the clutter by getting rid of what you don’t need anymore. In your warehouse, this will mean evaluating your supplies and materials and deciding what you can do without. For example, if you have extra boxes you aren’t using, whether they are once-used or misprinted boxes don’t let them take up space in your warehouse. At Leader Box Corp., we buy your misprinted or once-used boxes. You can sell your boxes to us to make a little money, help your company be more sustainable, and to also keep your warehouse free of un-used items. 2. Organize What You “Do” Need You have probably heard the saying, “There should be a place for everything and everything in its place.” Well, it’s true! Your company will want to come up with an organizational system that gives everything a place, and you will want that place to make sense. By organizing your warehouse well, you can increase your storage capacity and increase your productivity. 3. Keep Your Strategy Simple There is nothing worse than a complex organizational strategy. You will want to keep your warehouse as organized as possible, but you want your employees to be able to easily figure out the organizational system. Creating a simple strategy will help make sure everything stays organized and is easy to find, which will help your company’s productivity and speed. 4. Evaluate Your Setup Regularly Your warehouse may have an organizational system in place that has been used for years.  It is important to always evaluate the success of your current setup by making changes to make sure your company is being the most efficient, and effective in using your space. Think about your company’s needs and goals, and then evaluate the organization of your warehouse on a regular basis to see if it helps you meet these goals.  You can do this once a year or every few months depending on your company’s needs. We hope this post gave you some ideas for giving your company’s warehouse a good spring cleaning. If you need to get rid of any overrun, misprint or once-used boxes while you clean, contact Leader Box Corp. We take pride in helping companies be more sustainable by buying and selling used boxes!

Importance of Earth Day at Leader Box Corp.

Importance of Earth Day This year, Earth Day falls on Sunday, April 22nd. To help raise awareness of the negative impacts that pollution can have on the Earth, as well as other environmental issues, we at Leader Box Corp. want to highlight the importance of Earth Day. Whether it is a personal or a company-wide goal, to celebrate the environmental movement, we encourage everyone to make a change that could benefit the Earth. Origin of Earth Day The very first Earth Day took place in the year of 1970 thanks to Gaylord Nelson, who was a U.S Senator for the state of Wisconsin at the time.  Nelson said that the “idea for a national day to focus on the environment came” about after “witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Inspired by the student anti-war movement, [Nelson] realized that if he could infuse that energy with an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution, it would force environmental protection onto the national political agenda.” On the first Earth Day, thousands of Americans, including many colleges, set up protests against pollution like toxic dumps, oil spills, and polluting factories. Importance of Earth Day Earth Day is still a big deal, and not just in America. In 1990, Earth Day started spreading all over the world with 141 countries participating according to Live Science. According to, “Earth Day had reached into its current status as the largest secular observance in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year, and a day of action that changes human behavior and provokes policy changes.” Why We Care At Leader Box Corp., we celebrate Earth Day because protecting the planet and the environment for future years and generations to come is important to us. Leader Box wants to help support the green initiative and provide other businesses the opportunity to make a change and a difference as well, not just on Earth Day, but every day. We at Leader Box Corp. pride ourselves in being a green company and encourage our customers to do the same by re-using gently used boxes. We know that there are many shipping boxes in warehouses and distributions centers that are still in great condition after just one use. Therefore, to ensure those gently used corrugated boxes don’t go to waste, Leader Box would like to buy them and resell them to companies that don’t mind them being used. Is your company looking for ways to go green this Earth Day? Leader Box is able to provide a cost-effective, greener alternative for used shipping boxes. Reach out to us today, and we can help. Let’s work together and celebrate Earth Day in a great way!

What is a Corrugated Box?

What is a Corrugated Box? In the world of distribution centers, warehouses and shipping, corrugated boxes are quite common. However, those new to the industry may not know what a corrugated box is or what the real difference is between a regular cardboard box and a corrugated box. To help with this learning gap, Leader Box Corp. answered some of the most common questions pertaining to corrugated boxes. What Does Corrugated Mean? Corrugated means wrinkled or furrowed, as told by This “wrinkled” like layer can visibly be seen on the inside of corrugated boxes. Unlike regular cardboard boxes that are made of heavy-duty paper stock, corrugated boxes have three different layers. The first is the outside liner, then you have the inside liner, and finally, you have the fluting that is in-between the two. The fluting is formed into arches that connect the inside and outside liner. These arches give the corrugated box more strength than that of a regular cardboard box. Why Use Corrugated Boxes? Corrugated boxes are a great option for businesses because they provide a strong, durable shipping solution. Since these boxes are stronger than the everyday cardboard box, you can take comfort in knowing that your items will be safely packaged. Another reason to use corrugated boxes is that they are easy to recycle. So when these boxes are completely worn out after being used multiple times, they can be recycled rather than just thrown away. Why Use “Used” Corrugated Boxes? At this point, we hope the above information has helped you better understand why so many businesses and warehouses are using corrugated boxes. Though, you can take this one step further and use used corrugated boxes from a box supplier in your area at a discounted price. The extra strength of corrugated boxes allows them to be used more than once, which means money can be saved by reusing your corrugated boxes instead of buying new ones after just one use. Reusing boxes will not only save your company money but will also help the environment too. Therefore, instead of purchasing new corrugated boxes, save money by buying used corrugated boxes for your businesses packaging and shipping needs. That is the philosophy behind Leader Box Corp. By buying used boxes, you will help your company’s bottom line, and you will help your company go green. Contact Leader Box today to learn more!

5 Tips to a Smarter Distribution Center

5 Tips to a Smarter Distribution Center As humans, many of us try to improve every day to become better people. In business, we have to improve every day to keep being successful and making money. Your distribution center is no different. You can always improve your distribution center to make it faster, smarter and better. This will help your company’s bottom line, and it will help your company stay up-to-date with the business world. Check out Leader Box Corp’s tips below to a smarter distribution center, and let us know what you think! 1. Automate Data Collection There have been a lot of advances as it relates to data collection technology. It is now easy for distribution centers to automatically track packages through barcodes and RFID tags. This will help you streamline your process, and it will eliminate some human error. The faster and more accurately you can collect data, the more it will help your operation run smoothly. 2. Optimize Your System and Organization Your distribution center does not need to have extra steps or movements for materials. Examine your standard processes. Then, eliminate all unnecessary steps in your process, so you can have a faster and more streamlined experience. Also, give yourself the gift of intelligent organization, so you know where everything should be and there are no wasted movements. 3. Minimize Manual Steps Allowing your system to be more automated will help you cut costs and increase efficiency. You can have automated and semi-automated stations that help to move things along more quickly and decrease the amount of manual work needed. 4. Manage Your Costs You want to have lean processes, so you can save money. This will mean staying on top of all the numbers. You will also want to do what you can to reduce your costs. One way you can do this is buying used shipping boxes or selling back your old boxes. Leader Box is a company focused on helping businesses save money on their shipping materials. Leader Box does this by selling used boxes at a discounted rate. You can buy used boxes from Leader Box to save your company money and have practices that are sustainable. 5. Improve the Visibility of Operations Automating and updating your systems and processes will help you improve the visibility of your operations, but this is something you really want to spend time on. For a company to truly run successfully, your company has to have the proper knowledge about the operations going on. This will help your company see any issues or problems standing in the way of increased efficiency. There are a lot of ways you can make your distribution center smarter. Above we have shared a few tips. Our goal at Leader Box Corp. is to help companies like yours cut their costs and improve their processes by providing used boxes and other shipping/packing materials at great prices. Contact us today if we can help you!

Top Benefits of Using Gaylord Boxes

Top Benefits of Using Gaylord Boxes Gaylord boxes are well-known in the shipping industry, but do you know why? Gaylord boxes are a great option for many reasons. There are many benefits to using these boxes that may not be known to everyone. Learn about the top benefits of using Gaylord boxes below. Gaylord boxes are: 1. Economical Using Gaylord boxes can help you save money and be more cost-effective in several ways. For one, you can use and reuse Gaylord boxes because they are strong and durable. Due to the large size of Gaylord boxes, they can help combine shipments and save money by shipping less small shipments/orders. You can get even more economical by buying used Gaylord boxes. Used boxes will be less expensive than new ones; therefore, it is a good option for your business’s bottom line. 2. Eco-Friendly Being eco-friendly is another benefit of Gaylord boxes. These boxes are eco-friendly because they are made of materials that can be recycled and reused. Used Gaylord boxes are even more eco-friendly than new Gaylord boxes for the following reasons:  A used box doesn’t need to be manufactured which reduces bi-products; water consumption, CO2 emissions, and the trees that are needed during the manufacturing of new boxes, so it saves on material use, which helps the environment. 3. Durable Gaylord Boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, which makes them durable. Let’s look more closely at what Corrugated boxes are. Corrugated means these boxes are made of three different layers of paper including an inside liner, an outside liner and a fluting that runs between these liners. This design is great for a couple of reasons. First, these boxes are strong and durable, so it holds up when you need that toughness. Also, because of that durability, you are able to use these boxes more than once. Second, these boxes are recyclable, so you don’t sacrifice the environment to get the added strength and durability that you’re looking for. There are a lot of great benefits to using Gaylord boxes. Which of these three benefits was your favorite? At Leader Box Corp., we are a big fan of Gaylord boxes and so are our customers. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for your shipping needs, contact Leader Box Corp. and learn about our Gaylord Boxes for sale today!

How to Be More Eco-Friendly in 2018

How to Be More Eco-Friendly in 2018 Is being eco-friendly on your business’s to-do list? We know it can seem daunting, but a few key changes can make a huge impact in helping the environment. It doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Like they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Instead of making all of the changes at once, take baby steps and implement each new eco-friendly change one at a time. To help you figure out which changes you should consider first, Leader Box Corp. came up with the top three ways your warehouse or distribution center can start making eco-friendly changes in 2018. 1. Recycle What You Can Recycling is a great place to start when it comes to becoming more eco-friendly. Many of the materials used in a warehouse for packaging can be recycled and can significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint. Some potential options are to set up bins in specific areas designated for recycling and let your team know how they can contribute. The following materials can be recycled: Office paper, stretch film, plastic bags, aluminum cans, and corrugated. Also, instead of recycling used boxes, another option is to sell your gently used boxes to Leader Box Corp. and get paid for them. 2. Buy Recycled Materials The US Postal Service says businesses can be more eco-friendly by using recycled cardboard and paper. They explain, “These materials are made of corrugated cardboard boxes and paper recycled by consumers and larger industrial companies. Not only are they easily available, they are also biodegradable and non-toxic. By using their recycled forms, companies lessen their carbon footprint. The materials can also be recycled themselves.” Buying recycled materials can be a more eco-friendly and even more cost-effective option for your business, so it is definitely something to look into. 3. Optimize Your Warehouse Making sure your warehouse is more energy efficient will not only help the environment, but it will help your business save on energy costs. To optimize your warehouse, you can do things such as, get environmentally friendly light bulbs and turn off equipment when it’s not in use. You can also make sure your building has proper insulation and that it is made of efficient building materials. Some of these materials for optimizing your warehouse can sound costly, but you don’t have to upgrade all at once. When lighting or other materials wear out, simply replace them with a more environmentally friendly version. We hope that these tips provided some insight into how your warehouse, distribution center, or shipping company, can easily begin the process of becoming more eco-friendly. At Leader Box Corp., our focus is to help company’s decrease their carbon footprint and to save money by selling them gently used boxes. We believe that helping the environment should be easy and affordable for businesses. So, what will your company do to be more eco-friendly in 2018?