Spring Cleaning

Springtime brings warm weather, flowers blooming, outdoor activities, and the dreaded spring-cleaning list. We know maintaining a warehouse can be a lot of work, especially when it’s time for a spring cleaning, so we want to make your spring-cleaning chores go much smoother this year with a list of 10 tips to offer. Check them out below!

1.Create A Plan – The key to a successful spring cleaning is to have an organized plan. Before starting any maintenance or cleaning, have a checklist prepared. This way, you can delegate tasks and coordinate with schedules and the best times to clean.

2. Talk with Employees – The last thing you want to do is upset employees by springing a list of chores on them on top of their regular workload. Be sure to sit down with them and give them a heads up on the tasks to come and be sure to ask for their input. They may know what needs to be cleaned or fixed more than you!

3. Delegate – Avoid giving one employee a task that takes more than a couple of hours to complete. Assign the task to multiple employees to avoid wasting time and putting too much work on one person.

4. Scheduled Maintenance – In addition to yearly spring cleaning, it’s also a great time to do a maintenance check. This ensures all equipment is working properly and prevents any sort of future breakdowns or accidents.

5. Safety Protocols – Spring Cleaning is a great time to go over safety protocols with your staff and ensure everything is up to code.

6. Timing – The best time to clean is when fewer people are around. Be sure to time your tasks when the warehouse is less crowded to not interrupt regular productivity.

7. Organization – Remember that not only are you cleaning, but you are also organizing. If you notice something is out of place while cleaning, create a home for it so that your warehouse is not cluttered.

8. Weekly Chore List – Are you intimidated by your long list of spring-cleaning chores? Why not try a weekly chore list amongst your team to help prevent having to clean a large amount right after Winter. This will help your team maintain little by little resulting in less work for Spring.

9. De-Clutter – When in doubt, throw it away! Working in a cluttered environment will cause morale to plummet and hinders productivity. Leader Box has plenty of boxes to offer to help keep your warehouse organized. Check out our current box specials today.

10. Stick to a Plan! – After all your time and effort cleaning and organizing, the best way to keep your warehouse clean is to ensure you stay on top of all of your tasks throughout the year.

Do you have a surplus of used cardboard boxes after all of your spring cleaning? No Worries! We at Leader Box want to take those used boxes off your hands. We will buy your used and obsolete boxes to help keep your warehouse decluttered! If you need boxes to help you organize, contact us today or take a look at our April Leader box specials.