Here at Leader Box, we specialize in buying & selling reusable boxes. We define a used box as a box or shipping container that is in excellent, reusable condition. When selecting our boxes, we focus on buying & selling only the best quality boxes that our customers and businesses will benefit from. We carefully sort through and thoroughly check each box to make sure they are of good quality, strong, and are just like new before they are shipped to our customers.

When compared to competitors, Leader Box is “the greener alternative” to your traditional box company because we are able to give boxes a second use before being recycled or thrown out!

What is a Surplus, Over-Run, Job-Lot Box?

These types of boxes are originally made for a specific customer; however the printing, size or quantity was incorrect and thus could not be used by its intended customer. Therefore, you will benefit by being able to purchase them at a steep discount.

What is a “once-used” box?

A once-used box is a box that has been used by another company to ship their product, sent to a recipient and emptied, knocked down and stacked neatly on a pallet. We pick them up, sort them out, and keep only the best for our customers! There may be some tape left on the flaps but that does not affect their performance.