Leader Box Corp. has been thriving in the packaging industry since 1950. For over 3 generations, we have been specializing in Surplus, Overrun, Misprint, Job-Lot, Once-Used and Pallet sized corrugated boxes. Not to mention, we offer other packaging supplies that help benefit our customer’s operations.

Most importantly, Leader Box Corp. is a family-oriented and operated organization. We take pride in our customized & personalized services, and in offering our customers a strong, long-lasting beneficial relationship. Our goal is to offer our customers quality products at affordable, discounted prices.

We especially take pride in our business being green and sustainable, which can ultimately help our customers be environmentally friendly as well. Choosing our boxes will give you peace-of-mind, knowing that you are using a recycled item and not a wasteful one.

Leader Box Corp. wants YOUR business!

Leader Box Corp wants YOUR business!

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