In the years after World War II, Hy Robbin was working as a shipping foreman for a Chicago waste paper company, which would be known today as a recycling company. Hy had the idea to change part of the waste paper’s operation, he wanted to take the good once used and new over-run boxes and resell them to companies that didn’t need custom made boxes. This would save the customer money and help the environment at the same time. In reality, he was Green before Green became the national theme.

In 1950, Hy left the wastepaper company and started Leader Box Corp. with the help of his wife Lillian, who ran the bookkeeping department.  In the early years, Leader Box was based out of a 2,000 square foot warehouse and deliveries were made in a station wagon with a trailer hitched to it. Hard work, great personalities and a desire to help people made them successful.

By 1961, they had grown into a 15,000 square foot warehouse with four trucks.  That year their son Gene had finished school and decided to join the family business.  Continuing the path, Hy, Lillian, and Gene grew the business by expanding the product line, customer base, and supplier base.  By 1967, shortly after military service, another family member, Jay Lerner, joined the company and specialized in sales.

Leader Box was truly becoming a Leader in the packaging industry, moving into a 65,000 square foot warehouse in 1986. With the help of a wonderful office staff and salespeople, Leader Box prospered.

In 1995, a third generation family member joined Leader Box, Hy and Lillian’s grandson Rob Scher. After graduating from DePaul University in Chicago, he started at the bottom and worked hard physically and mentally to help create a vibrant, strong company conducting business in fourteen states and Canada. In 2016 Rob became president and majority owner of Leader Box Corp. Gene and Jay are still active in the company, Hy passed away in 1996 and Lillian in 2002. They would be extremely proud if they were able to see how Leader Box Corp. has grown and prospered.