Technologies for Warehouse Automation

Warehouses have been going through automation for years and years to make things work more efficiently. However, recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has made warehouse automation even more important. With how easy it is to spread the virus, having more automated systems can make it so less people have to come in contact with each other. Below, you can learn more about some technologies for warehouse automation, and how they might help your business.

According to Research and Markets, “Adoption of warehouse automation technologies has accelerated as warehouses adjust to social distancing and several companies are investigating how automated technology can be incorporated into their warehouse operations. Piece picking is one area that can be challenging to automate especially for e-commerce order fulfillment where items can be highly varied. One company XYZ Robotics has this week closed a $17 million Series A funding round to scale its artificial intelligence driven piece picking solution. The company’s logistics robot incorporates a 3D vision system to help it identify a range of SKUs as well as interchangeable end of arm tools to enable the robot to handle a variety of items. “

This artificial intelligence system is just one of many automated systems that could help your warehouse function more efficiently and more safely during the pandemic. Another automated system that there is a demand for is an autonomous forklift for a warehouse. A company recently raised money to continue their development of self-driving forklifts. These are just a few examples of warehouse automation that can help.

How is your warehouse automation reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic? Have you incorporated more automated systems or technologies into your warehouse? There is a lot to think about with the pandemic going on, and warehouses are busy because people are ordering more and more things online. It is important to stay ahead of the curve and be up-to-date as the industry shifts and changes.

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