Leaderbox Chicago - Who Invented the Cardboard Box?

There are only a handful of inventions over time that blend into our daily lives and the cardboard box is one of them. At Leaderbox Chicago, we know some of our happiest moments come from when we get to tear open that box at our front door. So, who invented this box? Find out below.


The cardboard box or Gaylord box dates all the way back to the 1800’s. Yes, you heard that right! In the early 19th century, 1817, a German board game was created and is the oldest example of a cardboard box. Since the Game of Besieging, more 19th century companies began to follow.


The main use of the box, similar to today, was used for storage and to transport things across locations. The real big breakthrough was later in 1879. Robert Gair was the owner of a paper factory in Brooklyn. He saw the idea that he could get a single sheet of cardboard and then have his printing press cut it all in one time.


With huge success, he was able to sell a 2 million-piece order for the cracker czars known as Nabisco. Long behold snack food could travel all over! The food transportation game forever changed thanks to Mr. Gair.


As a box company Chicago, we know just how many uses a box can have. Other people in the early 1900’s discovered that as well. Because of Robert’s box idea, the government adapted his idea in the 1930’s to give to mothers. These boxes were used for people who could not afford cribs for their baby. Babies took some of their first naps in these types of boxes.


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