Corrugated Trays

With a variety of corrugated trays to pick from, you may be having a difficult time choosing. There are many types of corrugated trays to choose from, each having their own strengths and weaknesses that make them better suited for particular projects. Read more below on our tips for how to choose the best style of corrugated trays for your business.

Infold Trays

Infold trays are great to use for lids. They are designed so that the board memory of the folded tray pushes inward. This helps in making sure the product stays secure. Infold trays have a smaller folded footprint than outfold trays making them a more reliable product.

Outfold Trays

Outfold trays are another great corrugated product to use. They naturally open outward making them easy to load and are less difficult to glue together. This product is also generally more inexpensive than infold trays. You will be able to get more on your pallet due to the tray having the ability to stay open wider. However, this product does tend to bow out and may require plastic wrap to stay upright and secure.

Corrugated Cardboard Hamper Trays

Are you looking to make gift boxes this holiday season? Corrugated cardboard hamper trays allow you to create your own special personalized gifts for your loved ones. These trays are made with high quality paper attached to a durable corrugated board to give these hamper boxes a premium finish and the strength to hold heavier items. These cardboard hampers are easily constructed by folding the sides over and locking the tabs into slots on the base. You can fill these trays with sweet treats to make the perfect gift box this holiday season.

Corrugated cartons and trays are a staple of product packaging for good reason. So which tray is the best style? All are great depending on your boxing needs. They are a relatively inexpensive, easy to use, recyclable product that can be cut to about any size or shape imaginable. With some glue and great imagination, all of these trays are great options for your boxing needs!

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