a pyramid of cardboard boxes

7 Ways Cardboard Packaging Has Changed the World

You may not realize it, but cardboard and the many forms it has been made into has made life way easier for everyone. It might come off sounding a bit unusual, but cardboard boxes have played a crucial role in keeping our lives organized. Read below to see the 7 ways cardboard has changed the world.

1. It has been keeping your products safe for centuries. Going back to the first use of a cardboard box in 1817, this material has been safely storing all products through travel. Today, about 80% of packaging comes to you in cardboard- a pretty large amount of goods!

2. It keeps your food fresh and safe from exposure. Try going into the grocery store and count how many foods are in cardboard. It would probably take you days to count thanks to its extended shelf life. Fresh foods are also stored in cardboard packaging because of its tough exterior.

3. It reduces waste. Just like our used cardboard boxes, this material can be reused and transformed into many different things. When you are done using boxes, they can be easily broken down and recycled.

4. It can be converted into shelter for those who need it. While the structure is meant to be a short-term solution, it can make a huge difference when the weather is bad.

5. The boxes build up people’s excitement. We all know the feeling- getting that package delivered to your door step and you can’t wait to tear it open. The intrigue and anticipation can be good for one’s health.

6. It can spark a creative side to use with you or your family. There are many things you can do with a cardboard box that children will love! You can build a fort, spaceship, or make it a great painting surface. Let’s also not forget about pets and their love for boxes.

7. It has changed the way goods are delivered. Before cardboard boxes were created, heavy wooden crates were used to ship goods at a lower quantity at a time. Today, it’s light weight has transformed delivery.

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