Warehouse Management Systems Help Setup Social Distancing Guidelines

As companies across the US get back to work, serious concerns for worker health remain. Safe reopening is a challenge. Keeping facilities free from infection is a top priority. We know the importance of frequent hand washing, but the need for social distancing guidelines cannot be stressed enough. Keeping workers at safe distances from one another acts as a buffer against the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Having a plan in place before reopening makes the transition easier.


Social Distancing Guidelines

Social distancing remains a key part of stopping the spread of airborne viruses. Warehouse workers must observe a 6-foot workspace area with workstations separated by partitions. Regulation of traffic within the facility allows workers and machinery to move in a one-way direction. This limits the chance for close contact. Additionally, frequent cleaning of high-touch surface areas, such as handrails, door handles, and shared warehouse equipment prevents the spread of infections. Setting up tool sanitation stations also ensures that frequent disinfection of shared equipment takes place.

Also, breaks should be scheduled strategically to keep large groups from gathering in one place at the same time. Likewise, warehouse management must keep work shifts staggered. This keeps a low occupancy in the warehouse at any given time. This is a lot for warehouse managers to take on. The good news is advanced warehouse management systems make these tasks easier.


Advanced Warehouse Management Systems

Of course, businesses want their warehouses up and running fast. But in a post-COVID-19 world, the health and safety of staff and customers are critical to staying open. Fortunately, cloud-based warehouse management systems keep supply chains operating without interruption. Advanced warehouse and distribution using the cloud is an effective way to keep workers safe.

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These cloud-based management systems give managers the tools needed to enforce social distancing guidelines. By granting access and control of workflow, workspace, and the workers themselves, managers limit contact between workers and keep equipment sanitized and safe.

Businesses must implement these measures to further prioritize and guarantee employee and customer health and safety. These systems provide control of the workflow by determining what work is distributed when. They assist with regulating the volume of work tasks as well as the staff who complete them. Warehouse management systems allow for the configuration of traffic and resource controls as well as granting user permissions and rule enforcement. Zoning allows for the allocation of certain sections of warehouse space to specific tasks. All this together gives warehouse managers the ability to scale their operations to any situation.

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