What is a corrugated box?

What is a Corrugated Box?

In the world of distribution centers, warehouses and shipping, corrugated boxes are quite common. However, those new to the industry may not know what a corrugated box is or what the real difference is between a regular cardboard box and a corrugated box. To help with this learning gap, Leader Box Corp. answered some of the most common questions pertaining to corrugated boxes.

What Does Corrugated Mean?

Corrugated means wrinkled or furrowed, as told by dictionary.com. This “wrinkled” like layer can visibly be seen on the inside of corrugated boxes.

Unlike regular cardboard boxes that are made of heavy-duty paper stock, corrugated boxes have three different layers. The first is the outside liner, then you have the inside liner, and finally, you have the fluting that is in-between the two.

The fluting is formed into arches that connect the inside and outside liner. These arches give the corrugated box more strength than that of a regular cardboard box.

Why Use Corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated boxes are a great option for businesses because they provide a strong, durable shipping solution. Since these boxes are stronger than the everyday cardboard box, you can take comfort in knowing that your items will be safely packaged.

Another reason to use corrugated boxes is that they are easy to recycle. So when these boxes are completely worn out after being used multiple times, they can be recycled rather than just thrown away.

Why Use “Used” Corrugated Boxes?

At this point, we hope the above information has helped you better understand why so many businesses and warehouses are using corrugated boxes.

Though, you can take this one step further and use used corrugated boxes from a box supplier in your area at a discounted price. The extra strength of corrugated boxes allows them to be used more than once, which means money can be saved by reusing your corrugated boxes instead of buying new ones after just one use.

Reusing boxes will not only save your company money but will also help the environment too. Therefore, instead of purchasing new corrugated boxes, save money by buying used corrugated boxes for your businesses packaging and shipping needs.

That is the philosophy behind Leader Box Corp. By buying used boxes, you will help your company’s bottom line, and you will help your company go green. Contact Leader Box today to learn more!