Leader Box Corp. Serving Detroit, MI

Is your company looking for shipping boxes and packaging supplies? At Leader Box Corp., we provide companies with corrugated boxes, gaylord boxes, packaging supplies and more. We have been in the packaging industry since 1950, and we have been helping companies like yours. We strive to help companies and help the environment; we do so by reusing boxes and selling those used boxes at a great price. Learn more about the boxes and supplies we provide the Detroit, Michigan area below.

Boxes from Leader Box Corp.

If you are a distribution center or shipping company, you need shipping boxes for your products. At Leader Box, we provide you with strong and durable gaylord boxes for your shipping needs. We also provide surplus, over-run and job-lot boxes at affordable rates. You can save money and save the environment by getting used boxes from Leader Box Corp.

Packaging is very important. You don’t want your goods to get damaged while they are being shipped to your customers. That is why we provide boxes as well as packaging supplies. Some of the packaging supplies we provide include corrugated rolls, packing peanuts, packing tape, stretch film and more. If you are looking for packaging supplies near Detroit, you can look to us at Leader Box Corp.

Working with Leader Box Corp

Leader Box Corp has experience working with many companies to provide them with the packaging materials they need to succeed. We have worked with companies from Detroit, Michigan and the surrounding areas in the past and we continue to do so now. If you are in the Detroit, MI area, and you need shipping boxes or packaging supplies, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Leader Box Corp!

About the Detroit Area

Detroit, Michigan is a great area for business. There are over 315,000 companies in the Detroit area representing a variety of different industries and fields. Leader Box Corp. calls Chicago home, but we know and understand the Detroit area, so we can help our customers located in Detroit. We can provide your company with the service and supplies you are looking for whether it is gaylord boxes or packaging supplies. We have worked with those in the Detroit area before, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Detroit area to give them the boxes and packaging supplies they need to succeed.